All the companies / subsidiaries under The BETTRROW Inc. was built out of our own frustration and helplessness.

Wanting to do something innovative and not finding the right guidance and tools to execute wasn’t fun.

It didn’t seem right that we had to make these trade-offs. There had to be another option, so we just decided to help ourselves.


Had an e-commerce business idea but couldn’t find the right education or guidance and also couldn’t manage any fund.

Decided to earn money by doing something else and save it to start the e-commerce business.

Started doing freelancing and got frustrated again because of a lack of freelance education.

Problem Solving

Out of frustration started researching and learning the freelance industry in a very hard way, and also at the same time started to make our own team and to create our own freelancing agency.

Big Time

Finally, in 2015 we had our big-time when we were able to find multiple customers a day and deliver their product to them on the same business day with the help of our fellow co-workers.

But yet wasn’t able to call our selves a complete freelancing agency because of less offered services and every now and then we had to outsource few services from a different freelance company.

Bad News / Sacrifice

Suddenly we faced the worst time of our agency/company when the founder had to migrate to a different country and everything stopped for a while without even knowing what’s going to happen next, and the story continues.